Saturday, December 11, 2010

Diff ‘10 to screen strapping tales of contemporary Egypt

 The seventh edition of the Dubai International Film Festival 9Dec. 12-19) showcases vignettes of life in Egypt as perceived by some of the most creative filmmakers from the country. These include a World Premiere of one of the much-awaited films, Six, Seven, Eight, and a Middle East Premiere in addition to a powerful feature on contemporary city life, Cairo Exit, opening the Cultural Bridge segment.
Opening the Cultural Bridge segment on Dec. 16 at the Madinat Arena, Hesham Issawi’s El Khoroug (Cairo Exit), starring Maryhan, Mohammed Ramadan, and Sanaa Muzian, is a powerful account of life in contemporary Cairo. Cairo Exit will also be screened on Dec. 18 at Cinestar, MoE.
To honour the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Diff 2010 will screen Sabah’s movie, Leila Baka Fiha El Qamar, the story of a famous singer, Hanan. The film will be screened on Dec. 13 at Cinestar, MoE.
On Dec. 13 at the Madinat Arena is the World Premiere of the bold and frank film, Six, Seven, Eight by Mohamed Diab, starring Ahmad Al Fishawi, Bushra, Maged El Kidwaany, Nelly Karim, and Sawsan Badr. A second screening will be held on Dec. 15 at Cinestar, MoE.
Marianne Khoury and Mustapha Hasnaoui’s Zelal, a quiet masterpiece of hard-hitting reportage, has drawn global praise for its sobering insight into the lives of those afflicted by mental illness in present Egypt. The Middle East Premiere of Zelal will be held at MoE on Dec. 14, followed by a second screening on Dec. 16.
Microphone, a film by Helipolis director Ahmed Abdallah El-Sayed, stars Khaled Aloul Naga, Menna Shalaby, Atef Yousef, Yosra El-Lozy, and Hany Adel. The film will screen on Dec. 15 at the First Group Theatre, and on Dec. 17 at Cinestar, MoE.
Following the screening of Microphone, Rhythm & Reels will host Arab rock-fusion band Massar Egbari, and underground hip-hop band the Y-Crew in concert on Friday, Dec. 17. Y-Crew, the three-member Egyptian hip-hop band, will also perform at the concert at The Walk at JBR.
Director Mohamed Ramadan’s 7awas (Senses) will be screened on Dec. 16 and 18 at Cinestar, MoE.
Omar Robert Hamilton’s Maydoum depicts the story of Sharif, a poised and elegantly executed ensemble piece will screen on Dec. 18 and 19 at Cinestar, MoE.

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