Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Contemporary Lebanon explores through movies at DIFF 2010

Beirut Al Mouss, Two-and-a-half [2½], Les Malaki – Les Habits Des Anges, Un Mardi (A Tuesday) and Rsassa Taycheh (Stray Bullet), the five films screening on Diff’10 are not only guaranteed to entertain the Lebanese audience in the UAE but also are examples of quality filmmaking.

At least five films at the seventh Dubai International Film Festival – including three world premieres and two Gulf premieres – capture vignettes of contemporary Lebanon, guaranteed to delight both Lebanese audiences in the UAE as well as connoisseurs of quality filmmaking.
Erfan Rashid, Director of Arab Programme, said: “Over the last few decades, the Lebanese film industry has made tangible achievements, despite a challenging environment.  The selection this year is a reflection of modern day Lebanon, and how filmmakers perceive the shifting dynamics of the country.”
Beirut Al Mouss: The world premiere of Lebanese director Zeina Sfeir’s Beirut Al Mouss gives the audiences a unique history of Lebanon, as heard directly from those who shaped it. Having coiffed the heads of politicians, princes, and presidents, Elius Sfeir's testimonies provide audiences with colorful anecdotes. The documentary will be screened at Cinestar, Mall of the Emirates, on Dec. 14 and 16.

Two-and-a-half [2½]
Two-and-a-half [2½]: Elie Kamal’s Two-and-a-half [2½] narrates the story of a working-style mother (Carmen Lebbos), who exists on the breadline, trying to make ends meet amidst the hustle and flow of everyday life in Beirut. At the end of a long, hot, summer’s day, she survives a horrific and devastating attack. The film, a world premiere, will be screened on Dec. 17 and 18.
Les Malaki – Les Habits Des Anges: Award-winning Lebanese filmmaker Khalil Zaaraour, best known for his short film The Window, provides a compelling narrative following the relatives of people reported missing as a result of Lebanon’s long and bloody civil war. The film makes its world premiere on Dec. 16, followed by a second screening on Dec. 19 at MoE.
Un Mardi (A Tuesday): A beautifully-told little vignette, Sabine El Chamaa’s Un Mardi (A Tuesday) has a masterfully structured narrative. One sunny Tuesday morning in Beirut, an elderly lady walks out of an elegant boutique, wearing an expensive black dress she has not paid for. A policeman stops her and the story begins. The GCC premiere of Un Mardi (A Tuesday) will be held on Dec. 16, followed by a second screening on Dec. 18 at Cinestar, Mall of the Emirates.
Rsassa Taycheh (Stray Bullet)
Rsassa Taycheh (Stray Bullet): Georges Hachem’s psychological drama unites stars Badih Abou Chakra, Hind Taher, Nadine Labaki and Takla Chammoun in a family. Set in war-besieged Beirut, the film follows a thirtysomething woman single on the verge of marriage who realises she has no feelings for her fiancé. A former lover reappears, adding to the tension within the family. The film will be screened at Mall of the Emirates on Dec. 15 and 17.
DIFF 2010 box office locations are: Cinestar Mall of the Emirates, Madinat Souk, the CNN Building in Dubai Media City and The Walk at JBR. Tickets can also be purchased through DIFF’s Dial-a-Ticket service at (04) 391 3378 and from the website

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